When looking into wedding photography, there are so many options! Albums, prints, canvases, digital files, and of course- Do you really need two photographers at your wedding? The answer is absolutely yes! 

Here are 3 reasons why: 

1. Having a second shooter can allow them to focus on the details while the lead photographer gets the bigger picture. For example, the lead photographer can be getting a "whole room picture", while the second photographer is zooming in on the expression of the bride and groom. 

2. Having a second shooter allows the lead photographer to be in different places at different times. For example, when getting ready, usually the bride and groom are getting ready at different locations. The lead photographer can capture photos of the bride, while the second photographer is shooting the groom and his groomsman at a separate location. This also helps with timing. Sending the second photographer to capture these pictures saves time for bridal and family portraits later on. 

3. Having a second shooter gives your wedding a different perspective and a fresh set of eyes. At your wedding, you are having two people look at your wedding in different ways and will capture things differently. You have two people with experience, who are getting different angles or will capture that smile from the flower girl, while the lead is fixing the brides dress. They may also be using a different lens and get a different perspective of the same shot. 

At Melinda Anita Photography, all of our wedding packages include two photographers to ensure that every special moment in your wedding is captured. 

I hope that this helps you understand why having a second shooter is important. It has tremendous benefits to ensure that nothing is missed on one of the most memorable days of your life!